TEN Patio Privacy Ideas To Keep Your Neighbors Guessing

Reprinted from Garden Lovers Club

If you are fortunate enough to have a patio to relax on, you can understand why it is so important to have some privacy as well. We use our patios as a personal escape from the worries of the world around us. Whether laying out in the sun, sitting by a fire, cooking a couple “dogs” on the grill, or entertaining a group in the pool, it is always easier to relax and make the best of your “escape” when you know the cranky old neighbor isn’t peering at you from afar.

Some type of barrier between you and that neighbor is nearly essential. But how do we achieve this privacy? We obviously want to keep it classy, it’s 2015, and Huck Finn isn’t around to paint any fences for us anymore. So you may be wondering, “What is a creative way for me to shield myself from nosy neighbors, without turning my backyard into a boxed up cell?”. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some interesting and creative ways to keep your patio private, while also sending a message that says, “Hey, what’s going on in here is most likely awesome”. Check out these examples and decide for yourself what would work best for your backyard!

1. The Black Fence

Source: The Modern House

A vertical wonder, this wall stands high above the patio. It is made up of vertical planks, each standing a short distance from the last, creating an interesting shutter effect that provides privacy, without completely blocking you in.

2. Branch Screen

This simple wall can either be made to be portable, or stationary. The use of many horizontal sticks, one atop the other,  creates a natural looking barrier. Perfect for any garden, or anyone wishing to add that “woodsy” look to their backyard.

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3. Drop Cloth Curtains

Source: Fancy Frugal Life

If you are more the laid-back type, and you just want a small space available to alternate between public and private, these drop cloth curtains may be the perfect solution for you. Untie them for some privacy while you lounge on your patio furniture, or synch them up to welcome anyone in!

4. Hedge Wall

A more permanent type of barrier, this hedge wall will provide your patio with absolute solitude! Maintain this wall well, and it can be a completely natural way to get some privacy. Get creative like in this example and add some string lights or other decoration for that personal touch.

5. Herringbone Wall

Source: HGTV

These hanging panels are a great way to divide up sections of your deck or patio. Not only do they form an excellent barrier, they also add a gorgeous visual aspect for anyone gazing upon them.

6. High Horizontal Screen

Source: Pinterest

These thin, horizontal, wood panels are a great way to keep your desired area looking neat and organized. Hang basket planters from the openings for added flair, or use large potted plants set out in front to accessorize your privacy wall.

7. Stamped Metal Screen

Add an industrial touch to your back yard with the metal paneling featured here. These vertical sheets stand staggering each other, each set at a different height. Stamp your own pattern into each one for a personalized wall!

8. Recycled Bottle Wall

Source: J Schumacher

Show the world that you’re eco-friendly AND creative with this recycled bottle wall. All you need is some plaster, a good amount of old bottles, and the will to create something amazing, and you can have your own unique privacy wall.

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9. Tall Pot Screen

Source: Houzz

Don’t have time to construct something complex or the funds to invest in an extravagant wall? Improvise with this creative idea! The use of large potted grasses or tall plants can serve as a perfectly sufficient barrier, as well as being quite nice to look at.

10. Water Wall Screen

Source: The Owner Builder Network

While this unique option may not necessarily keep your deck or patio strictly private, it certainly will impress your company! Draw attention away from yourself in the backyard with this amazing “water wall”!

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