Bamboo Planter Box XL


These stunning 3″ wide diameter natural black bamboo poles, inside a 54″ modern white planter box, will provide privacy and natural esthetics to any home or commercial setting. FREE SHIPPING!

Extra large black speckled bamboo pole fences will provide your patio with privacy.  The unique black and brown colored bamboo resembles the woodlands seen in a traditional Japanese garden. Great for indoors or outdoors in your home or business garden as a privacy screen or as decoration.


38″L x 15″W x 73″H Bamboo Planter Box XL

54″L x 12″W x 73″H Bamboo Planter Box XL

Kit includes 6ft high, extra wide black bamboo poles, a modern white vinyl planter box, and large polished black rocks (1”–3”). Just add the Styrofoam inserts to stabilize the bamboo poles.

These bamboo poles are a minimum of 2.5-3.5 inches in diameter, and 6’ long. Two sets of 8 bamboo poles are individually drilled and threaded with a heavy gauge wire. Our bamboo poles are cleaned and processed with a coat of natural bamboo oil for protection.

Called, “Black Bamboo” to distinguish them from the natural yellow bamboo poles. The natural black-speckled bamboo color tone varies, and actual color is a beautiful dark brownish color.


  • Mature Indonesian black Timor whole bamboo poles, can last up to 20 years.
  • The thick wall of the Timor black bamboo poles are drilled and strung with heavy galvanized wire, so the wire appears invisible. The heavy galvanized wire will not rust outdoors.
  • Approximately 2.5″ to 3.5″ Outside Diameter at largest end
  • Modern, fiberglass white garden box 54″ Wide x 12” High x 12″ Deep
  • Styrofoam support inserts
  • Black polished rocks sized 1” – 3”


The planter box comes as 1-piece so there’s no assembly required. Just insert the Styrofoam blocks inside the planter, add the bamboo, and cap it off with the beautiful polished rocks!

The extra large bamboo poles are 3 inches in diameter and strung together with galvanized wire to make a 6 foot high, 4 foot wide panel.  Topped off with extra large polished rocks.



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