Bamboo Planter Box


Natural Anji Mountain Tonkin Bamboo that is strong, durable, decorative, & sustainable.  Bamboo poles are 3/4 inch in diameter and 6 feet high and strung together with wire, and fit snugly into our sleek, modern white polypropylene planter box, with large black polished rocks.

Each bamboo pole has premium-grade galvanized wires threaded through each pole. This secures the poles together to create a durable bamboo panel.


  • Held together by 14 gauge galvanized coated wires.
  • Bamboo poles are capped at top of the fencing.
  • Bamboo fencing is made from poles grown in a taper. Dimensions are approximate.
  • Bamboo is not treated; always apply a good quality; oil-based UV-resistant wood sealant using a brush for best application.
  • Bamboo Thickness: 3/4″ inch
  • Sustainable: Natural Bamboo is eco-friendly, 100% renewable, affordable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


KIT INCLUDES: 4’ wide by 6’ tall bamboo poles, a white vinyl planter box, and large polished black rocks.


38″ x 15″ x 73″ Bamboo Planter Box

54″ x 12″ x 73″ Bamboo Planter Box

INSTALLATION: Insert the Styrofoam blocks into the planter box, followed by the bamboo poles and rocks. Quick and easy! 

Our natural color bamboo poles are 3/4” inch in diameter and strung together with galvanized wire to make a 6 foot high, 4 foot wide panel. Our bamboo is handcrafted with commercial-grade quality natural bamboo and capped at the top. Bamboo is made of commercial grade Anji Mountain Tonkin Bamboo that is strong, durable, decorative, & sustainable.


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