Grass Planter Box Large


Get instant privacy on your patio, or as a room divider inside your house! Four artificial prairie grass plants inside a durable poly rattan planter box that won’t fade or deteriorate.   70″ Tall x 31″ Wide x 9″ Deep

Do you want an elegant look, all without the hassle of maintaining natural plants? Transform your house or patio into an oasis with our realistic grass in a planter.

When your space is full of life, full of healthy and thriving green plants, it can say a lot about you. It means you aren’t afraid to go big when you go green. When you use our realistic fake plants, it means you know a wise decision when you see it.


Get the best of beauty, durability, with lifelike green plants from My Private Patio.

Impeccable Realism: Our faux prairie grass is a triumph of artistry and innovation, meticulously handcrafted to mirror native grass land grass. exudes a lifelike beauty that’s almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Whether you’re planning to bring some personality to your commercial space or thinking that your space needs some color and a refreshing feel, opt for fake plants.

The high quality, long lasting, poly rattan planter box can be moved around to your liking.  Or, if you prefer, we have solutions to securely mount your planter box to any hard service, just drop us a line.

We have the maintenance-free faux plants that will take your space to the next level!


  • Easily assembled in about 10 minutes
  • Durable no rust aluminum frame, wrapped with woven poly-rattan
  • 5-8 Year Outdoor and 15 Year Indoor Expected Life
  • Withstands temperatures between -10⁰ and 120⁰
  • Cleans easily with a clean dry cloth

Great for:

  • Patio Spaces
  • Privacy Screens
  • Living and Dinning Areas
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Restaurants
  • Common Areas
  • Conventions
  • Office
  • Special Events
  • Wedding Events

If you have any questions about this or any of our products, whether it’s presale or post sale questions, our customer service representatives are available to help! steve@myprivatepatio.com  (303) 981-1456


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