Trees Planter Box


Get instant privacy on your patio, or as a room divider inside your house! Two incredibly real looking ficus trees with silk leaves and branches, and a natural wood trunk, inside a commercial plastic planter box.  65″ Tall x 38″ Wide x 10″ Deep

Add a tropical feel to your indoor or outdoor décor with our natural looking Deluxe Dual Ficus Bush Trees, featuring a tall, sleek, modern modular design planter box.

Ideal as a patio accent or as a divider piece to add much-needed privacy to your outdoor space.

Great for decks, patios, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, offices, event centers, and more. 

The two Ficus Bush Trees look and feel unbelievably real, with silk leaves, and a natural wood trunk.  The trees sit inside a heavy duty commercial grade white plastic planter box, which can be used indoors or out. Drain holes on 

Kit Includes

  • 2, 48” Deluxe Ficus Bush Trees
  • Heavy duty virgin plastic planter box, featuring an interior shelf and drain holes
  • Styrofoam Blocks to stabilize trees
  • Needs concrete blocks or rocks for bottom weight (not included).


  1. 840 individual leaves in each tree
  2. Tree trunk is crafted from real natural wood
  3. Leaves are manufactured using real touch silk polyester
  4. Life-like shape and appearance

NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED: Faux plant is the perfect accent to your decor without the high maintenance of a real plant, such as watering, trimming or applying fertilizer, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or duster when it gets dusty. Looks full and fresh every day!

FICUS BUSH TREE DETAILS: All the leaves and branches are installed already when you receive them, just need only 2-3 minutes to shape it to reach its fullest size when removed from the secure box. All the branches are outfitted with sturdy metal wires so they could be adjusted to different positions as needed.

VIRGIN PLASTIC PLANTER BOX: Crafted from commercial-grade plastic (polypropylene) and made in Canada, is scratch, UV and crack resistant, sourced from Canada.  Withstands all weather conditions and weather tested in conditions ranging from -20 degrees to +120 degrees

Questions? Call, text or email steve@myprivatepatio.com   303-981-1456


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