Sand Bag Weights

Sand Bag Weights

(Option Add-On For Eco-Privacy Wall)
Keep the portability of your Eco-Privacy Wall, while adding stability by attaching the 4-sand sand bags to the foot stands of the frame.


  • TWO-CYLINDER BAG: Each bag seam is double-stitched for durability, and comes with one Velcro strap for hold and ease of use for tying down
  • DUAL-ZIPPER COMPARTMENTS: Each bag comes with two zippered sections for sand, gravel or any preferred contents (FILLER MATERIAL NOT INCLUDED).
  • 30 LB WEIGHT: Each pack can hold up to a maximum of 30 lbs (13.6kg) of weight in sand, rock, dirt and other contents
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Created with 600D oxford fabric for high quality and built to last. (FILLER MATERIAL NOT INCLUDED)

NOTICE!  Although this stability option offers enhanced stability, the Eco-Privacy Wall™ is not designed to withstand the effects from high winds. Therefore, we cannot guarantee damage to the frame.

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